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Kirk Fletcher Pedalboard and Demo

Hallo liebe Bluesrockfreunde,

neue Pics von Kirk Fletcher’s Pedalboard plus Demo.

The order of the effects are:

INTERFACE (Passive)–> Korg Pitchblack Tuner–> Lovepedal Tchula–> Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe–> Vertex BC109 Fuzz–> OPEN LOOP (Send/Return) BUFFER–> MXR Phase 90–> Lovepedal Amp Eleven–> Xotic RC Booster–> Ernie Ball VPJR 25K–> Arion SCH-1 (Mono to JSDT, Stereo to DL-4)–> Rockett Josh Smith Dual Tremolo–> Line 6 DL-4 (Stereo Out)–> INTERFACE (Amp 1 & Amp 2 w/ISO transformer).

Kirk Fletchers Pedalboard