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Robben Ford Super Reverb mit Zendrive – Dumble Tone

Hallo liebe Bluesrockfreunde,

hier ein interessanter Kommentar von Daved (Guitar Tech von Robben Ford) zum Thema Super Reverb und Dumble Tone:

Robben’s primary rig of almost 20 years now has been the 100w Dumble Overdrive Special, designed by Alexander Dumble with Robben in mind. He uses it with a Dumble 2-12 cabinet loaded with Celestion G12-65 speakers and a TC-2290 linked to the Dumble OD thru a Dumbleator FX loop. The TC is used exclusively for a miniscule amount of delay, the only onboard processed effect that he uses. The Lexicon has been gone for over a decade now. On the floor he uses only an Ernie Ball volume pedal and a Dunlop Wah pedal. Ideally, this is all he desires to use in a perfect world. However, aside from the floor pedals, it is not always practicle or feasible to use the Dumble/TC setup (often for short runs overseas or for brief fly-in dates in the States) so, after many years of experimentation, he has settled on the ZenDrive (a device created by Alfonso Hermida, again with Robben in mind) to provide him with the tone he desires when using any amp other than the Dumble. When he must use an amp other than the Dumble, he prefers a Fender Twin Reverb and/or a Fender Super Reverb, set clean with a small bit of reverb, behind the Zen pedal. He has tried the Zen thru the Dumble and tho he likes it, he feels the Zen is redundent & unnecessary, so he prefers to use one or the other, rarely together.

Die Web Adresse von Hermida Audio lautet:

Bis demnächst.

Bluesy Horse


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