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Matt Schofield – Amp Settings Fender Super Reverb

Hallo liebe Bluesrockfreunde,

hier die Amp Settings von Matt Schofield für seinen Fender Super Reverb:

..Yes, most of what I’ve recorded so far has largely been my old Super Reverb. Usually it’s set with volume between 5-6, treble between 7-8, middle on 8-9 and bass somewhere from 3 and 1/2 to 4 and 1/2. The bright switch is off, and reverb is usually on about 3 to 4.
These settings will sound very different on other Supers though, depending on what speakers and valves you have in there.
My tip though, for dialing any Super or other old Fender amps, would be to keep the bass low, and use the mids to fatten the tone. The bass range in old Fenders is really too low to be of use in a band situation, and just gets flabby and wooly sounding. The tone is all in the mid range. Then I would adjust the Treble to taste depending on the room, and brightness of the particular amp/valves/speakers…

Hope that helps, and thanks again……………Matt


Viel Spaß beim ausprobieren und bis demnächst…

Bluesy Horse


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