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Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Amp Settings El Mocambo Gig

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Hallo liebe Bluesrockfreunde,

hier nun wie bereits versprochen, die original Amp Settings für den Fender Super Reverb vom El Mocambo gig…

A lot of people say that none of us can get that SRV tone, but guess what…, I got it and a friend of mine was at the El Mocambo gig when SRV played. He took pictures of Stevie’s amp and pedals and the settings are so clear. I copied it and man what a tone!!! I used my SRV strat, stock TX special pu’s. I set the amp (Stevie set like this too at the El Mocambo), Bright switch OFF, Input one at the vibrato channel, volume at 4-6, reverb at 2.5, treble at 4.5, bass at 3 and mids at 4. Very clean and warm! Set the TS9 DRIVE 9 o’clock, LEVEL 1 o’clock, TONE 3 o’clock.TS808 DRIVE 10 o’clock, LEVEL 2 o’clock or FULL, TONE 2 o’clock. The TS808 is the one that stays ON all the time, use the TS9 for leads and it boosts the 808 perfectly!

Viel Spaß beim ausprobieren!


4 Gedanken zu „Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Amp Settings El Mocambo Gig

  1. Herbie sagte am :

    Wann war der El Mocambo Gig nochmal?? Gabs da den TS9
    eigentlich schon??

  2. ferdi69 sagte am :

    Hi Herbie,

    der El Mocambo Gig war 1983, der TS9 kam 1982 als Nachfolger des TS-808 auf den Markt.


  3. Steve sagte am :

    There is no mids on a vibroverb?

  4. Ferdi Grah sagte am :

    Hi Steve,

    You a right but I’am talking here about the Super Reverb.


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